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Rav Menachem Levine has been the Rav of Congregation Am Echad since 2007. Originally from Miami Beach, Rabbi Levine studied in Yeshivas Mir-Yerushalayim, Shaar HaTorah-Grodno in Queens, and in Bais Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, NJ. 

Rabbi Levine is passionate about Jewish learning and outreach, and leads our community towards greater levels of Torah study and observance. Rabbi Levine spearheaded the San Jose Community Eruv project, and bs’d successfully completed it in August 2017. He is a dynamic speaker, and in addition to the weekly classes he gives to men and women in the Am Echad community, he has spoken in Intel, Apple, Google, and for local and international non-profit organizations on various topics including Jewish viewpoints of current events, Assimilation and the Holocaust. Rabbi Levine has also given the invocations at the San Jose City Council multiple times. 

Rabbi Levine has an undergraduate degree from Yeshiva University, where he received awards for outstanding performance in history and in Talmudic studies. He attended University of Pennsylvania Law School, and graduated with his JD degree in 2007, and is a barred attorney.

Rabbi Levine is married to Rebbetzin Rachelli (Zakheim) Levine, who teaches regular classes to the women of the Am Echad community, and is the director of Yeshiva Preschool of Silicon Valley. The Levines have nine children.

For inspiring shiurim and lessons on personal growth, visit Rabbi Levine's website:




Rabbi Levine speaking at the Annual Agudah Convention, 
November 2018


Thu, June 4 2020 12 Sivan 5780