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About Us

Am Echad, located in San Jose, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, is a warm, inviting and vibrant Orthodox shul. We are privileged to be led under the guidance Rav Menachem Levine. We welcome all to visit, daven, and learn with us. The shul is home to both Ashkenazi and Sephardi members from throughout the world and from many backgrounds and walks of life. We are renowned for being a friendly and down-to-earth the synagogue while at the same time adhering to the values of an Orthodox Torah Kehilla.

Our shul is located in the center of the San Jose Community Eruv. For more information including current Eruv status, see here.



Am Echad has had the privilege of hosting many business travelers and tourists from all over the world. We'd be happy to arrange Shabbos meals for you and discuss options for accommodations. 
Please call 408. 267.2591 or email us.

Real Estate

To find Apartments & Housing for rent near Congregation Am Echad click here. For all properties for sale within the eruv click here

If you are interested in any of these properties or for any other real estate needs, please contact Yaffa Borison at 650. 303.9569 or


The shul Weekly Bulletin has all up to date times, classes and other event information. To subscribe to the bulletin, contact us at




Rav Levine's "Preparing for Pesach" women's shiur will take place at Am Echad on Monday night, March 12th at 8:30pm.

Mechiras Chometz! Don't waste your chametz, sell it for Pesach. Download the 2018 / 5778 form here.


Father & Son Learning has now completed for the season. Thank you to Rabbi Dovid Lieberman for leading such a successful winter program.  Avos Ubinom will continue later this year IYH with stories, raffles, treats and much, much more.

- Sponsored l'zecher nishmas Reb Shlomo Eliezer ben HaRav Yaakov Zakheim z"tl  by a friend of the Zakheim family. 



Shabbos Kid's program for ages 3-8 from 10am until the end of davening, with games, parsha and story time. Please remind your children of the importance of listening to the counselors. 



Rav Levine Tuesday Night iyun (in depth) shiur for men at 7:45pm on the topic of Jewish Leap Year/Two Adars has now completed. Check back here soon for the next topic.

The Rabbi's previous shiur on “Tzaar Baalei Chayim (Permissible and Forbidden Acts of Animal Suffering)” can be found here.  

Rav Levine’s Women’s shiur on Mesilas Yesharim on Wednesday nights at 8:30 pm in on hold till after Pesach. Previous classes can be found here

Rav Levine's Shiurim are also available at



Shabbaton with Yosef Mendelevitch - March 9th and 10th. Yosef Mendelevitch is a prominent Orthodox Rabbi from Jerusalem and former "Prisoner of Zion". See here for more details. 


You can make cash donations to the shul and manage membership payments by clicking here.

To sponsor Kiddush or Shalosh Seudos, please see details here

Both Am Echad and Yeshiva Preschool now accept vehicle donations. We provide free pick up, a tax receipt, and do all the required DMV processing. Please see weekly bulletin for more details.

Mon, March 19 2018 3 Nisan 5778