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1. Why Pray?

An Introduction to Tefila


Source Sheet 1

Source Sheet 2


2. How to Use Your Siddur

Understanding the Order of the Prayers and the Need for Formal Prayer


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Source Sheet 3


3. An Appointment with the Almighty

Halachos of Set Times for Prayer and Preparing for Prayer


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4. Shema

An Opportunity to Serve the King


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5. Entering His Presence

Introduction to Shemoneh Esrei


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6. The First Blessing of Shemoneh Esrei

Understanding the Meaning and the Message


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7. Musaf of Rosh HaShanah


8. Aleinu (Malchios)


9. How to Listen to the Shofar


10. Unanswered Prayers


 Emes V´Yatziv, Part 1


 Emes V´Yatziv, Part 2


13.  Emes V´Yatziv, Part 3


Sat, March 6 2021 22 Adar 5781